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Telefunken ‘Rainbow’ Shortwave Receiver E127 Kw/5 Boatanchor

449,95 €

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The Rainbow receiver by Telefunken Type E127 Kw/5.

Shortwaves Receiver, single conversion super, 8 tubes, revolver
Please request a shipping quote for the exact shipping cost.

This radio can listen AM, CW and sidebands by using it`s BFO.
Filters: there is a adjustable crystal filter in the IF providing 4
BFO:  ±3kHz
Tubes: all SQ types, mostly EF805s
Scaling: 5 bands rainbow.

The plug has been cut off the cable so we werent able to test it.
Therefore it is categorized as ‘sold for parts or not working’. 

The window that covers the rainbow is broken.

The power cable is attached to the front panel.  (The plug has
been stripped of the cable).

Dimensions: 55 x 45 x 40 cm
Weight: 43 Kg

See pictures for more details.
Sold as is!



Modell: Rainbow' Shortwave Receiver E127 Kw/5 Boatanchor

Produktart: Shortwave Receiver


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449,95 €

The auction price can change!