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Rohde & Schwarz EK 07 Shortwave Receiver

300,00 €

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For sale: Rohde & Schwarz EK 07 Shortwave Receiver.

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Late 50’s early 60’s shortwave receiver.


AM/CW with BFO, 0.5 – 30.1 MHz in twelve ranges, linear scale.

Various variants. NZ07 FSK demodulator, NZ10 SSB demodulator.

Tube types only listed once.

Up to 6MHz single mix, above 6MHz double mix.

Untested due to not having matching equipment, sold as is.
Optically in good condition, missing power plug, see pictures for more

Dimensions (LxWxH): 54x55x33cm
Weight: 65Kg

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-Shipping in the EU up to 30 KG (max)
-Shipping outside of the EU up to 20 KG (max)
“We offer combine shipping (EU 30KG max, NON EU 20KG max) for all our
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costs are estimated in our shop because we do not know the shipping


Marke: Rohde & Schwarz

Farbe: Grau

Produktart: Shortwave Receiver

Modell: EK 07

Besonderheiten: vintage


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300,00 €

The auction price can change!