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HackRF One+Upgraded PortaPack H2 3.2″LCD+Plastic Shell Assembled+5 Antennas DE

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HackRF One + Upgraded PortaPack H2 3.2″ LCD + Plastic Shell Assembled
+ 5 Antennas + USB Cable

Package Included:
– 1 x SDR Radio (Upgraded PortaPack H2+HackRF One)
-1 x 2.4/5/5.8GHz Antenna
– 1 x 35DBi GSM/3G/4G Antenna
– 1 x 40MHz-6GHz Telescopic Antenna
– 1 x 40MHz-860GHz Antenna
– 1 x 700MHz-2700MHz
– 1 x USB Cable


The official firmware created for the PortaPack has several decoders
and transmitters built into it, but the third party ‚Havoc‘ firmware
is really what you’ll want to use with it since it contains many more
decoders and transmit options.

1. It has completed the program validation prototype.
2. The latest documents in 2017, May are based on improvements.

– One of the best things about the PortaPack is that it makes catching
and replay of wireless signals like those from ISM band remote
controls extremely easy.
– To create a catching. You just need to enter the „Catching“ menu,
set the frequency of the remote key, press the red ‚R‘ Record button
and then press the key on the remote.
– Then stop the recording to save it to a SD Card.
– Now you can go into the Replay menu, select the file that you just
recorded and hit play. The exact same signal will be transmitted over
the air, effectively replacing your remote key.

– Using the 3.5mm audio jack the Portapack can also be used as a
standard Push to Talk or voice activated walkie talkie radio. With a
microphone plugged into the audio
jack simply hold down the right button to push to talk.
– If required you can also enable multiple CTCSS tone options, as well
as tones that look like they enable transmission to wireless

-There are generic OOK transmitter which can be programmed with custom
data. This mode might be useful for experimenting with simple key
fobs, or things like home, automation switches.
– There are numerous transmit modes implemented that are questionable
in most countries and could get you into huge trouble. These
transmitters are purely to be used for internal testing with a faraday

By connecting speakers to the Portapack’s 3.5mm audio jack you can
easily listen in on standard NFM and WFM audio signals. ADS-B
reception can be easily enabled on the
PortaPack by selecting the inductor and lightning symbol on the top
right. With the bias tee enabled you can receive aircraft.

– 3.2-inch TFT240*320 screen
– Navigation switch
– Audio output
– Microphone input
– DC 2.1 interface
– 4-layer gold plate
– ROSH process (exported to Europe and America)

The latest version is updated with the latest documents in 2017, May.

Add a PortaPack to your HackRF One software-defined radio, and leave
your laptop behind! The PortaPack attaches to your HackRF and adds a
touchscreen LCD, navigation controls,
headphone jack, real-time clock, micro SD card slot,

Just add a USB battery, and you’re ready to explore radio spectrum
wherever you are. The PortaPack firmware runs on the fast ARM
processors in your HackRF. No computer is necessary (except for
reprogramming firmware).

– IQ file replay
– Microphone FM transmit with CTCSS
– CTCSS decoder
– Frequency manager (save & load from SD card, with categories and
– File manager
– „Soundboard“ wave file player (put 8-bit mono files in SD card /wav
– ADS-B receiver with map view
– SSTV transmitter
– Fully configurable transmit signals
– POCSAG transmitter
– POCSAG receiver/decoder
– Morse transmitter (FM tone and CW)
– OOK transmitter for common remote encoders (PT2262, doorbells,
remote outlets, some garage doors, …)
– RDS (Radio Data System) PSN, RadioText and Time groups transmitter
– Meteorological radiosonde receiver for M10 and M2K2…
– AFSK receiver
– AFSK transmitter (Bell202…)
– Nuoptix DTMF sync transmitter
– TouchTunes jukebox universal remote
– LCR (Language de Commande Routier) message generator
– Street lighting control transmitter (CCIR tones)
– „Play Dead“ in case of emergency
– Fully configurable RF signal generator
– RSSI audio output as pitch (for direction finding)

– 3.2-inch, 240 x 320 RGB LCD with resistive touch panel.
– Four-way arrow keys, rotary jog wheel, and select button.
– Coin battery for preserving settings and date/time.
– Micro SD card slot for data and code storage
– Some features demonstrated in 2016 February 22 firmware video:
– SSB, AM, narrowband FM, wideband FM audio reception, with spectrum
– Wideband (18MHz) spectrum analysis and waterfall.
– Monitoring of boat (AIS), automobile (TPMS), and utility meter
transponders (ITRON ERT).
– HackRF mode runs HackRF firmware for use with host computer SDR
– PM calibration for more accurate tuning.
– Sleep mode saves power by turning off just the display.
– You may also find the Furrtek HAVOC firmware very interesting!

Your HackRF will continue to function with computer-based SDR
software, when you put the PortaPack into „HackRF Mode“.

PortaPack is compatible only with the HackRF One. It is not compatible
with the earlier HackRF Jawbreaker design. If you have an RF shield
installed on your HackRF,
the PortaPack should fit just fine. Compatibility with the HackRF Blue
is experimental. One Blue owner has reported good results with minor
mechanical interference
between the PortaPack audio capacitors and the baseband header. If
your HackRF Blue does not have a baseband header installed, you should
have no mechanical problems.

PortaPack requires an external battery. Any USB-connected battery
should work, though they vary widely in quality and poorly-designed
batteries may inject voltage regulator noise into the radio.

The PortaPack and HackRF One will not replace your handheld ham radio
receiver. Receive sensitivity varies from band to band, but will not
perform as well as a true ham radio receiver.

Shipping Terms
– For remote regions, we will charge your extra shipping costs.
Usually it cost about 35USD-50USD. We will contact you after your
payment. Thanks for your understanding.
Return Terms
1. If you receive defective item, please kindly notify us within 14
days. We will guide you the returning instruction for replacement or
2. If you purchased in improper condition, please NOTE that the
sipping and handling fee will not be refund, all return shipping fee
should paid by the buyer unless item DOA.
3. We reserve the right to refuse any returns for objective reasons.
Custom Duties & Taxes
1. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item
price or postage cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
2. Avoiding some unnecessary trouble, please check with your country’s
customs office to inform us what we should declare its value before
1. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please don’t be quick to
leave us neutral or negative feedback. We work hard to make sure EVERY
CUSTOMER 100% SATISFIED and resolve any problem for you and always
leave positive feedback to all our customers.
2. If you are satisfied with the product you received, please kindly
leave us a positive feedback and 5 star DSR. If there is any problem
of your order, please feel free to contact us firstly, we are
responsible and credible seller, will follow it for you asap.

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284,41 €

The auction price can change!