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Airspy HF Plus Discovery High Performance SDR Receiver

207,77 $ 208,76 $

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Airspy HF+ Discover achieves excellent HF performance by means of a
low-loss preselection filter, high linearity LNA, high linearity
tunable RF filter, polyphase harmonic rejection (HR) mixer hat rejects
up to the 21st harmonic and multi-stage analog and digital iF

The 6 dB-stepped AGC gain is fully controlled by the software running
in the DSP which optimizes the gain distribution in real time for
optimal sensitivity and linearity. Harmonic rejection is a key issue
in wide band HF receivers because of the large input signal bandwidth
of the input signal.


Brand: Airspy

Type: Receiver

Compatible Model: 0

Band: HF


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207,77 $ 208,76 $

The auction price can change!